Tired of “modern” movie discourse?

We sure are.

We love movies, and we love to talk about movies. But it doesn’t seem like anyone’s actually talking about movies anymore! Instead, they’re talking about cultural messaging, casting, IP, and corporate behavior. It feels like we’re slowly losing our ability to engage with movies on their own terms.

That’s why we’ve created Molly Movie Club: so we could talk about movies as movies, rather than as products, propaganda, or fan service.

We’d love for you to join us.

Every week, we post a new, in-depth movie discussion. Sometimes the movie is a classic, sometimes it’s from the recent past, and sometimes it’s a brand new release.

Free subscribers get access to one of these every month.

For paid subscribers, Molly Movie Club is exactly that: a movie club. We encourage everyone to watch each movie before listening, and to join in the discussion in the comments!

When we say you have to talk about movies as movies, we mean it.

The movie club does not allow comments about external political factors surrounding a movie, like the race or gender of the cast and crew, criminal or moral accusations about people involved with the movie, public political statements by the studio or distributor, or anything else that isn’t focused on the quality of the actual movie itself. If you post such a comment, you will be asked to remove it, or we will remove it for you.

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