Please do Doctor Strange, it would be incredible to hear two people actually discuss an MCU movie on the merits of the actual story/characters/dialogue/filmmaking. I don’t really like any MCU movies but it would interesting to hear you guys talk about one. Especially a late one like this that seems so tied to the ever expanding insanity/nonsense.

Other than that I would love to hear you guys discuss Drive My Car, The Northman, or Licorice Pizza

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Everything Everywhere All at Once


Haven’t watched neither but heard good things about them.

For a future month I’d like to record a suggestion for “Luca”. It is an non-musical animated with a beautiful soundtrack (instrumental only).

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I would also suggest “Pig” (the best Nicolas Cage revenge movie there is) and “The Green Knight”, both from 2021

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CODA could be interesting since it was the last Best Picture winner (not that the Oscars carry much prestige these days)

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Everything everywhere all at once, Drive My Car, Top Gun Maverick, The Northman

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Jul 18, 2022·edited Jul 18, 2022

I consider Everything Everywhere All at Once to be the best movie I have watched in at least 15 years, perhaps the perfect movie.

I also didn't like Dune as much as everyone else does so it would be interesting to hear your opinions.

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Good movie: Everything Everywhere All at Once

Probably entertaining podcast: The Batman

Want to watch: Drive My Car and The French Dispatch

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I would like to hear you discuss The Northman, Dune, Everything Everywhere All at Once in descending order.

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Would it be interesting to do a "Compare-and-Contrast" month? I.e. you could pick two new-releases and compare them to original or older versions? For example:

- Week 1: Dune (2021)

- Week 2: Dune (David Lynch's version)

- Week 3: The Batman

- Week 4: Batman (Tim Burton's 1989 version)

One combo I'd be really interested to see would be Blade Runner vs Blade Runner 2049 (not released within past year, but a relatively new film). I recall on one stream a while ago Casey mentioning that Blade Runner was one of his favorite films, and Blade Runner 2049 one of his least favorite...

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Licorice Pizza

Last Night in Soho

Drive My Car

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I second Dune, I was blown away by it, given the Lynch abomination and the tv series I wish we could forget. But I loved the book and have no sense of what the experience of watching it without having read the book would be like, might be a total mess if you don't already understand the plot. from that angle, if either or both of you havent read it could be interesting to hear your thoughts.

Though The Northman was garbage and not in an interesting way but thats my 2 cents and this club has more cents than that to chip in,

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Definitely Dune! It’s directed by Denia Villeneuve so I’d be really interested in hearing what you guys think about it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like it, you’ll love it!

Also Batman, I never saw it myself but my friend Said hates it so much I’d like to hear what Casey thinks of it haha. Plus apparently people online say it’s the best Batman movie ever. I hear it lacks any narrative or logic to it.

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