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I enjoyed this movie when it came out, and I was initially surprised to hear that you had such a negative opinion, but as you described the plot and ostensible themes, I realized that I had completely forgotten almost everything you brought up. I think this movie gets a lot of mileage from its premise and aesthetics, but it was interesting to realize how thoroughly the actual story and themes failed to make an impression.

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There's a single sequence in this movie that serves as a great representation of it as a whole. In the climax fight, Miles, Gwen, and Peter are standing together on top of the reactor thing, and Miles attaches himself to a piece of flying debris, jumps off of it, narrowly dives between two buildings, does a cool swing, and then ends up right behind where he started next to Gwen and Peter again. The epitome of looking cool but serving no purpose.

Also, the uncle is played by Mahershala Ali from Moonlight/Green Book/etc, so he was already a Oscar winner and famous actor by the time the movie came out. A lot of other fairly big actors in the cast as well, except for Miles as the main character.

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I remember the 2002 Spider Man film w/ Tobey Maguire being my first experience of seeing a film that was getting insanely positive reviews, and yet thinking to myself: "This is incoherent, why do people like this?"

At the time I thought the whole superhero movie genre would surely die, or have to get better, because that movie was awful, and surely people will recognize that.

Fast forward to 2023, and it seems clear that we've learned nothing!

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