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I strongly dislike movies like this because they are based on a true story which hampers the ability to make a good movie plot, while at the same time straying far enough from the truth that you can assume any one cool thing in the movie didn't really happen. It is truly the worst of both worlds between fiction and documentary.

I've been watching the movies way out of order and just watched I Heart Huckabees and I have to say that Air is just a series of meme stories masquerading as a plot, and when I watch it I feel like Brad having to listen to himself tell the Chicken Salad story over and over.

I feel a bit disjointed adding this final comment because it is a specific criticism instead of a general one but the major climax of the whole movie is that Adidas offers $250k so that means they assume Michael is going to sign with Adidas. But multiple times over they whole movie they have said Adidas is going to offer him $250k so they already know this before they make their offer. They already know that is what is going to happen and then when it does happen they act like it's a revelation? AND THEN it's like they forgot that movies are about the actions of the characters so the characters just do nothing and the problem just resolves itself. It felt lazy and thoughtless.

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