Great episode. Since you both seem to enjoy the courtroom theme I wanted to recommend the TV show Jury Duty; I found it absolutely hilarious!

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Aug 11, 2023·edited Aug 11, 2023

Super interesting follow up to Pulp Fiction. It's a different tradition of filmmaking with which I am much less familiar so it was a nice discovery for me. The only other Lumet I have seen is Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, so his filmography is a blind spot for me. The 50s is also not a decade I am completely familiar with, I have seen some of the more stylized films of that era (some by Hitchcock, Night of the Hunter, The Big Sleep, etc.) but nothing that could be compared with 12 Angry Men.

With that said, one of the best video essays on filmmaking I came across is on naturalistic/documentary-like style so I thought it could be interesting to share it in relation to 12 Angry Men. It's an analysis of the camerawork for the teleseries The Wire. I can't tell if they were directly inspired by 12 Angry Men, but conceptually it's very similar (the intro where you see different people walking by, the 8-minute long shot of jury room entrance, the camera at the end placed behind the coat stand, etc.)


One thing that is interesting to me about this kind of unobtrusive filmmaking is that after getting used to it, everything that is the slightest bit stylized comes out clearly.

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