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Top tier Carpenter is Halloween and The Thing. So I'm hoping you get around to watching The Thing at some point.

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It's the first time I watch Escape from New York, I won't defend it too much but I kind of understand the appeal. Most of it is idiosyncratic enough that I see why Kojima and Refn were deeply influenced by it. The dialogues are terse and are almost on the verge of being nonsensical, the taxicab appears from nowhere, costume design is full of weird details (at 1h3min, all the bad guys wear glasses, Snake has a giant watch), etc. In my opinion the movie has as similar vibe to Ed Wood. The scene with the station wagon is very funny to me...

It's kind of hilarious to discover that Metal Gear is basically fan fiction, it explains so much of the writing. Anyway, not a great film by any means but it was fun to watch!

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