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At 54:00 Casey mentioned that oversaturation is something he didn’t like about Fury Road. I've got my copy of Fury Road on iTunes and it includes some extras. A documentary of 20 years that passed since the original idea of the film and some deleted scenes (maybe some cutting would've Furiosa better also). Apart all that, the extras include so called “Black & Chrome Edition”. A full movie but in black-and-white.

There's a brief introduction video with George Miller himself telling a story of a best version of Road Warrior he ever saw. When Brian May (the composer) was conducting the orchestra, they were playing a “black-and-white dupe”, a very cheap and crude version of the color print. When Miller walked in the sound studio and saw it he thought that's how the movie should've been. So on Fury Road he asked to make some scenes without color and some of them he thought worked better. He goes as far as to say that to him this is the best version of the movie.

I watched it a couple of times and couldn't say that anything is lost, and I'm as unprepared to the moment when she says “Can't wait for them to see it” as before. What a movie.

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Loved the review. I'm definitely much more positive on this movie than either of you. Despite its flaws, I still think just about every aspect of Furiousa is still better than the vast majority of modern movies that have been released since the last Mad Max. And for that reason, I can't help but to shrug off its flaws since it is so rare to enjoy a new movie these days.

I really hope you review the other Mad Max films, especially the first one. The first Mad Max was so packed full with sexually charged and emotional characters that I have always been disappointed that those erotic/sensual elements got toned down in the later Mad Max films. The second and third movies are fun classic action and create the now iconic Mad Max imagery. But the story and character development in those films are disappointingly weaker.

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We definitely want to watch the earlier Mad Max movies!

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