Aug 5, 2022 • 1HR 42M

Ep. 14 Dune (Extended Cut)

A special members-only edition of Episode 14 with additional ranting.

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Casey Muratori
Molly Movie Club is a weekly podcast featuring in-depth discussions of movies.
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Hey there Movie Club,

This is Casey. In a few hours, the regular “Episode 14” of Molly Movie Club will go up. Before it does, I wanted to post this “extended cut” version, and explain what it contains so members can decide which one they want to listen to!

After the regular podcast discussion of Dune, I went on for thirty minutes about how bad the screenwriting was in this movie. It was not really “podcast material” per se, it was just a straight-up rant because the screenwriting in this film epitomizes everything I hate about writing in modern “big budget” movies:

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